lal_cuda._internal.project module

This module provides a project class for polling the meta data describing a gbpBuild project.

class lal_cuda._internal.project.project(path_call)[source]

Bases: object

This class provides a project object, storing project parameters which describe a gbpBuild project.

Generate an instance of the project class.

Parameters:path_call – this needs to be the FULL (i.e. absolute) path to a file or directory living somewhere in the package

Import all the python packages belonging to this project.

class lal_cuda._internal.project.project_file(project)[source]

Bases: object

Class for reading and writing project .json files.

Intended to be used with the open_project_file context manager.

Create an instance of the project_file class.

Parameters:project – An instance of the project class

Update the project file stored in a Python package’s path.

This needs to be done because when the package is installed in a virtual environment, for example, the directory structure that the path is sitting in could be anywhere, and access to the original project .json file can not be assured. Hence, we make sure that every package has it’s own up-to-date copy.


Open the project .json file. Intended to be accessed through the open_project_file class using a with block.


Close the project .json file.


Load the project .json file.

class lal_cuda._internal.project.open_project_file(project)[source]

Bases: object

Context manager for reading a project .json files.

Intended for use with a with block.

Create an instance of the open_project_file context manager.

Parameters:project – An instance of the project class.