lal_cuda Python API

This package provides scripts demonstrating the use of the new LALSuite GPU implementation of the SIMIMRPhenomP routines.

lal_cuda.log = <lal_cuda._internal.log.log_stream object>

The library log stream (see the _internal.log module for more details)


Import a package unless a Readthedocs environment is detected. In that case, create a mock of the package. Useful for cases where a package is not available during a RTD build, but we want the build to proceed without error.

Parameters:package_name – The name of the package to import or mock.
Returns:The imported package or mock-package object.

Return the full INSTALLED path to a file in the package’s data directory.

Parameters:path – A path relative to the package’s /data directory
Returns:The installed path
lal_cuda.find_in_parent_path(path_start, filename_search, check=True)[source]

Find the path to a given filename, scanning up the directory tree from the given path_start. Optionally throw an error (if check=True) if not found.

  • path_start – The path from which to start the search.
  • filename – The filename to search for.

Path to the file if found, None if not found.